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  You're on the move, and we have your music:​​
Traditional Country – you know, the good stuff from the 1950’s on. We have an incredible collection of the songs that defined country music, and also sprinkle in Western Music (cowboy music), Bluegrass and Country Gospel on the weekends. Our TRUSA President and Country/Western Music icon, Rex Allen Jr. also hosts an hour of music and memories.
TRUSA was founded by former trucker and lifelong DJ Ron Tyler. We have a heart for the road, and the heritage of country music. Wherever you roam, we hope you’ll take us with you. Enjoy the ride on Truckers Radio USA!
 Truckers Radio USA Programming (Central Time)

Our incredible playlist of traditional country music can be heard
around the clock.
Rex Allen Jr.

Rex Allen Jr. was the star of Yesteryear and The Statler Brothers Show on TNN for 9 years. With more than 50 hits like It’s Over, Lonely Street and Two Less Lonely People, Rex is truly a living legacy of Country and Western Music and a member of The Western Music Hall Of Fame.  Rex has a passion for "Traditional Country" music, which encompasses Western and Bluegrass. He's proud to be President of TRUSA and help provide an oasis for great music and the people who love it. Saturday at 11 am, 6 pm and 11 pm; Wednesday at noon and 9 pm Central Time.
Rex Allen Jr.
Ron Tyler

TRUSA founder Ron Tyler has recently retired from the air due to some ongoing medical issues.  It was hard for him to make this decision, and he sends  his love to all the folks who have been faitfhfully following him all these years.  Ron remains an owner of Truckers Radio USA and continues to consult with us regularly. If you'd like to send him a message, send him an email from our Request Line page and we'll make sure he sees it. 
Truckers Radio Theater

Weeknights at  7pm the curtain rises on some of the best radio drama ever produced.  Transport back to the  time when we gathered round the radio in the living room to hear Gunsmoke, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger and more!
Ron Tyler

Country Gospel

Join us Sunday mornings from 10:30 - 12:30!  We'll be sharing some of our favorite country gospel tunes.
Full Gallop with Tennessee Jim

Tennessee Jim is a performer, songwriter and recording engineer who has worked with some of the best Western musicians around. His show gallops through decades of great cowboy music every week as he shares stories and introduces some of his favorite “New West” artists. 4 show times each weekend: Saturdays at noon and 9 pm Central Time; Sundays at 8:30 am and 7 pm.
Grand Ole Opry

Classic episodes of the Grand Ole Opry run every Friday and Saturday night at 7 pm and midnight!
Tennessee Jim
Bluegrass from the Rockin' Banjo Ranch

Orin Friesen is a legendary DJ in the world of bluegrass. With his bluegrass show more than 40 years old now, he’s been on the air around the country and won numerous awards. Orin is also a cowboy, a musician, and historian. Bluegrass from the Rockin’ Banjo Ranch features some of the best of today’s bluegrass, along with some remarkable live concerts from yesteryear. His show follows “Full Gallop” every weekend: Saturdays at 1 pm and 10 pm; Sundays at 9:30 am and 8 pm.
Truckers Radio USA can be found on:​​
Orin Friesen
Advertising on Truckers Radio USA
Advertising on TRUSA is remarkably affordable. Whether you have a worldwide brand or stick to a particular area of the country, it can be a brilliant idea to advertise on TRUSA.Our sales manager Martha Farrell would love to explore it with you.
Give Martha a call at 620-727-4493
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Ron Tyler